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Idiomatic Phrases - Quote

Frasi Idiomatiche - Citazioni

  1. "Told the worm to the walnut: ' Give me time and I'll pierce you' "
  2. "The hoer never forget his mother !"
  3. "The ax of the father cuts also the iron"
  4. "The meat is thrown and the dogs become angry"
  5. "The oil is half master"
  6. "Who cries fucks who smiles"
  7. "Until the master the lime is hard"
  8. "The brain is a sheet of onion"
  9. "The octopus must be cooked in its own water"
  10. "Near your father go to sleep at foot of the bed"
  11. "Better this tie than the tie's seller"
  12. "The cucumber jumps and goes always in the green-grocer's ass hole"
  13. "Without money can't be sing any church services"
  14. "While the doctor studies the patient dies"
  15. "The pig tells to the donkey: ' keep you clean ! '"
  16. "Attach the donkey where the proprietor wants"
  17. "Toothless and without teeth, kiss the ass hole of uncle Vincent. Toothless and without grinders, kiss the ass hole of uncle Nicola"
  18. "The cobbler walks with broken shoes"
  19. "To wash the head of the donkey you lose the water and the soap"
  20. "The water is few and the duck doesn't float"
  21. "This is the clay and with this clay you must make the pastors"

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